Day Fourteen

Pastor Chris Ruzicka

Join us for day fourteen of 21 Days of Prayer with a devotional from Pastor Chris Ruzicka.


1.Leaders/Teams/Unity/God´s strategic unity.

Please pray for the pastors and leaders that God uses everyday, for Joy in their lives getting to know God´s heart way more and enjoying God´s blessings more... the same for family and for faith family... and also for unity, for the strategic unity between the exact teams that God prepares for the extension of His kingdom in my faith family and their leaders.

2. For Joy in His Love.

Please pray for me to admire and praise God when I discover everything He gives that I didn´t know if I should ask for or even how to ask getting rid of self centered prayers... He is God, He fills every space and He knows How to answer the way Ephesians 3:20 says:"far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us" 🙂

3.Provision and wisdom in presenting science for His kingdom.

Please pray with me for energy, diligence, concentration, creativity and God´s wisdom to share the Joy of God´s Presence in every one of His clues, the "tips" that He left to find Him in Science this year at my job. To be able to share like this, in a very wide way His Presence in science, so that It would be impossible for the students to not find God and get to know and Enjoy Him this year so they can take away everyday their doubts and complaints and the Spirit leads them to Glorify Jesus.

4.Be salt and light in an extended way lead by Him.

Please pray that we might be salt and light where God wants us to be...extending to other places and other students in other places... in the right moment He desires us to be for His Glory.

5.A disciple that continues glorifying God at my job.

I have read through everyday´s Bible reading that this opportunity at my job is not forever and I wish that when God takes me out somewhere else (which I now pray that it be in God´s right time with joy and not my will) that I have the opportunity these days to disciple someone to continue leading others to Christ, for that person to be someone that loves God with all heart, mind, strength, for the next generations to get to know God in science.

Received: January 19, 2021

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