Day Fourteen

Pastor Chris Ruzicka

Join us for day fourteen of 21 Days of Prayer with a devotional from Pastor Chris Ruzicka.


I want to thank God for Psalms 78 but specially for vers. 68.

He has chosen me and everyone of us that have delighted in Him to be in His mission to be praising Him because He loved me the way He loved Judah in v. 68; the way He loves my teachers, my pastors, my parents and mentors, faith family, etc.

His mission is so huge that I have been feeling very much joyful when I start the day praising Him for all His thoughts toward us, but also still feeling the weight of having so much going on that I stop searching for His face and my prayer request is for perseverance not only for me but for every one of the different teams I get to be involved with by the Grace of His Love.... I ask you to pray with me so that we start everyday looking for His Truth, His Love and the Joy of His countenance, because it is such a risk to start doing something else or thinking something else than enjoying Him in His very everyday Great Presence!

Received: January 19, 2021

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