Day Fourteen

Pastor Chris Ruzicka

Join us for day fourteen of 21 Days of Prayer with a devotional from Pastor Chris Ruzicka.


God is Savior

Praise God! Vynesha texted me, “Okay, D. I’m 100% back. Totally sold out for Christ a new way.” Ever since I surrendered my life to Jesus as Lord nearly 20 years ago, I have been praying for those I led away from Jesus in my prodigal years. Vynesha is one of them.  Please keep her in prayer for God’s protection from the enemy and her renewed relationship with Jesus.

Praise God! My friend Jesse, who was an atheist, accepted Jesus some months ago. Please keep her in prayer as she is being challenged daily in her faith by friends, family and her own mind at times.

Please pray for salvation for Kevin, who is an atheist, and Earl, who says he prays every night but is still living the street life.

Pray for Gerard, Brad, Rudy and Anthony for salvation. These are all people from my past who God has brought back into my life at this time. Some are professionals with careers, some are still living the street life. All need to know Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Please pray the Holy Spirit will guide me in what to say and do as I engage each of them in various communications mediums. They all live in other states.

Bless God. He is moving. Pray for more laborers.

Received: January 16, 2021

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