Day Fourteen

Pastor Chris Ruzicka

Join us for day fourteen of 21 Days of Prayer with a devotional from Pastor Chris Ruzicka.


I ask you Lord to help me throw down my past so I can be closer to you Heavenly Father. Help me increase in habits of...

1. intentionally find time mult times per week to exercise while focusing on a bible verse or listening to you Lord

2. Love myself more, replacing negative thoughts with verse or quotes to remind myself of your love Heavenly Father to heal and fully release the last percentages of my past that lingers

3. To find and make order within my home to make room for the newness you offer Lord

I am nothing without you Lord. I need your strength to follow though and stay on course. You alone are our shelter, protector, hope, shield, joy and strength. As we lean unto You refresh us all from the strain of this last year. Thanks in advance and thank you for loving me and LOVE YOU In Jesus name I pray Amen

Received: January 5, 2021

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